ReauBeau’s sonic journey started at the very roots of his present ‘future hiphop’ undertakings. Due to a strong love for hiphop during his formative years, his passion spurred into the restless fiddling and fine-tuning art of conveying finer (and often ineffable) emotions through the craft of composition.


The love for material by the likes of DJ Premier and Dr Dre naturally brought a young producer onto the ropes and into the sweetspots of this game. His love in 90’ hiphop then noticed a maturing Dutch producer reinventing his style into a funky and dancefloor-focused package.


Yes, these distinctive and atmospheric expressions proved to be a fertile breeding ground for his dubstep alias. But eventually, RB’s undying love for hiphop once again found a more related expressive outlet.


After a number of years producing dubstep under his other alias “Robokop” Soon followed Rob’s most recent brainchild: ReauBeau – a versatile blend of (future)bass and trap, with a touch of euphoria. His ambitions encompass the general urge to reach and touch as many people as possible: “I want to move people and make them emote – essentially painting a canvas, or a movie scene in their imagination with music.”


ReauBeau’s newest creations are distributed by labels like Spinnin Records, Wolv, Klash, Lowly Palace , Elysian records , Tribal Trap and many more!

He is also signed at the Run The Trap agency. And played at Tomorrowland alongside Snavs, Sikdope a.o.


“Most exciting artist in the future bass scene and you will hear a lot more of this guy” By Tiësto on Clublife


“He let’s the music do the talking” By Annie Nightingale on BBC Radio 1


When asked about his ongoing quest of breaking ceilings as a producer, Rob says: “I think it’s very important that the track has soul. Thus, when making one, I always begin at the very start.” Inspiration comes in different forms; while an interesting percussion piece in jazz kick-starts the process.


ReauBeau also does custom work for commercials and works with clients such as :RedBull, Cutting Edge, 2WEI, Bleeding fingers, Sizzer, Amp ,goodsounds and many more! 




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